Our vision is to be a leader in promoting excellence and encouraging entrepreneurship among visual and performance artists within urban communities.  We continuously strive to be a model for making the education and preservation of art the cornerstone of community development and achievement.



  • Establish a workspace for emerging artists to advance their artistic skills.

  • Educate the broader community on the value and impact of art in society.

  • Showcase and preserve the work of regional visual and performing artists.

  • Provide a positive space for at-risk youth who might otherwise be targeted by violence, crime and other social ills.

  • Utilize business concepts that will create an entrepreneurial spirit among artist.

  • Offer ongoing artistic programs that will aid in artist development.

  • Grow the surrounding communities economically and socially.

  • Create relationships and strategic partnerships to address the sustainability of regional visual and performance artists.

  • Promote the importance of legacy building concepts on behalf of past, present and future artists.  

  • Engage in an atmosphere of acceptance and excellence.

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